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Lying , cheating women ....

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I was forced to watch IM a celeb ...

I was semi OK, as Ive seen this years shower totty and shes quite hot:






Well,,, she appears to have sent her fat faced, freckly less glamorous freckly faced younger sister





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1 minute ago, Strawberry said:

Why is her entire face in the bottom part of her head?

Everybody's is pretty much.

Take a look in the mirror and use your hand to see where your eyes are along the vertical axis.

This was one of the first lessons in junior art school: don't put the eyes at the top of the head; they are the top of the face but roughly halfway down your head.

I will note that, unsurprisingly, I don't know who she is.

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11 minutes ago, swiss_democracy_for_all said:

Nah they're both fugly, though for a second or two you might believe the one on the right isn't lardy, but only a second or two.

Where did the double chin go???

Tape to pull things up?

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2 hours ago, swiss_democracy_for_all said:

First photo looks like any 90s Newcastle slapper on a Saturday night but with better hair (Newcastle girl would be fake blonde and piled on top of head looking like the roots of an onion)

ah, the trigglypuff hair bun. 


Guaranteed to add 3 inches of height to short, frumpy girls everywhere. 

Or perhaps should be called the troll doll special.


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30 minutes ago, spygirl said:

I like her best dressed as a schooly.

Me too.

But that's probably because it was taken almost 10 years ago. The other photos don't do much for me - with fakeup it's just 'generic nighclub bint' and without she looks like she's hit the wall despite being only 28.

Edited by JoeDavola

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3 minutes ago, JoeDavola said:

And anyway, the real news in I'm A Celeb....is Noel Edmons sporting a almost-six-pack at 69 years old:



70 soon. A rival for our own @Snow bird ! :)

Pretty good, Have seen grizzled old surfers of a similar age in the Canaries who look fitter in body but are like old prunes in the face thanks to the sun.... (and who spend a lot less time on hair dyes and facials!)


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