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I’ve seen various scientists that worked with him dismiss it as a party trick but seemed to be an element of sour grapes it had been discovered by a layperson.

Even if it was only stable for a short period I do think that nevertheless there was something worthwhile in it worth pursuing.

3 minutes ago, Happy Renting said:

Yes . Wow. Fantastic.




Er... uh, what?

Andrew Lloyd Webber thing on roller skates, duh.

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    • By spunko
      In the latest chapter to "DOSBODS Investigates" , it's... biodegradable bollocks.
      I had been guilted into buying "eco friendly" dog bags last year when I got my second dog (last December in fact). The amount of dog shit being produced had basically doubled, so off I went to the local pet shop to buy some eco friendly poop bags. It clearly says on the packet that they are "environmentally friendly" and that they degrade naturally - within "3 months" (nice rounded number). It also says curiously that they are made in China...
      Bullshit detector activated, every so often I started to chuck one of these bags into a bush somewhere discrete. Well blow me down, they're all still there. Three different brands, not even partially degraded, still as brand new as they looked a year ago.
      Smelling a rat, I took to Google. And it seems others have noticed this too. According to this article, the journalist actually buried their biodegradable bags for 3 years in compost, and some other bags in soil. All of them were still usable after 2-3 years and could be used to carry shopping (except the one submerged in water for a year).

      The moral of the story: Don't bother buying biodegradable bags. It's a great scam because 99% of people will not realise as they chuck their biodegradable bags into the bin and it gets collected, or into poop bins never to be seen again.
    • By The Grey Man
      Before you bite your nuts off and cite a variety of security services....yes I dont doubt.
      Which  biggies watch us.
      My first..PJW.
      He dosent need to answer.
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