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Round them all up and stick them on an Island

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Lindholm (Stege Bay)

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Lindholm is located in Zealand
place Stege Bay
coordinates 55 ° 0'25 "N 12 ° 13'20" Ø Coordinates : 55 ° 0'25 "N 12 ° 13'20" Ø
Country Denmark
commune Vordingborg municipality
Disambig bordered fade.svg This article deals with Lindholm in Stege Bay . There are also other islands with this name, see Lindholm

Lindholm is a small island in Stege Bay of 7 hectares [1] . The name Lindholm is known from the 13th century as the "holm with linden trees". The island is going to house migrants in the future. The island is home to DTU Lindholm , and has three permanent residents who act as boatmasters and guards. The island can only be visited with permission from DTU Lindholm . Lindholm's owner sold the island to the state in 1925. Previously, the island has names such as the National Veterinary Institute of Virus Research and the Department of Virology. From 1938 , a vaccine against foot and mouth disease was produced .

DTU Veterinary Institute


Today there are approximately 13,000 m² of buildings consisting of laboratories , offices , stables and workshops . There are 80-100 people traveling to / from Kalvehave island, served by two ferries , one of which is called Virus with reference to the island's function, the other is M / F Ulvsund .

One is working on diagnosis and research into viral diseases that could potentially harm the production of domestic animals in Denmark . In addition to foot and mouth disease, rabies , swine fever , and alien animal diseases.

The research station was organized on this island specifically in order to prevent spread of infection. Thus, only one case of transmission of infection is known. In order to prevent infection in the future, strict safety precautions are being maintained by laboratories, special air filters for ventilation, burning of hazardous waste and heating of sewage to above boiling point. There is thus only access to the island with special prior permission as well as maintaining a security zone around the island that reaches 100 meters from the coast.

When an animal is first shipped with the ferry to Lindholm, it will not come alive from the island. After the experiments are completed, the animals are killed and burned in the island's crematorium. This is to minimize the risk of spread of infection.

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On 03/12/2018 at 00:31, Bricks & Mortar said:

Sounds like a proper wee holiday camp.



“They will not be imprisoned,” Mr Jensen told Danish news agency Ritzau.

“There will be a ferry service to and from the island, but the ferry will not operate around the clock, and they must stay at the departure centre at night. That way we will be better able to monitor where they are."

So they are not being 'banished' and will be able to come and go as they please. What's the point?


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1 minute ago, One percent said:

Don’t swear pinny, it’s not becoming of a gentleman. o.O

Maybe Marky will tell me if my "internet translation" was rude or not? I did learn some Italian, when I worked for Pirellli General.

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