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FANG stock - Entry/Re-entry timing


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I have decided that I will be filling in my W-8 form and investing mainly in US stocks. The UK stock universe looks like a shit show to me with many of the stocks lacking the big Q. Big dividend yields on declining stock values is not my idea of fun. Also I have worked here for decades so am well aware of how unproductive UK companies can be.

The US tech sector is getting hammered recently so I am interested to watch it with a view to getting in on the cheap (and hope that the aggressive growth continues in the future! Thought I would create this topic for FANG stock but also Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, Alibaba, Micron etc. Simply put, QUALITY stock with aggressive growth prospects and a good potential entry for a noob investor.

Any thoughts, charts, ideas, appreciated.

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I totally get that regarding the UK. Also UK only makes up like 7% of the world market. Plus for most UK residents, with a UK job, british pounds and a house, if it goes tits up in any shape or form, do you really want your eggs in a single (market) basket.

If you haven't already maybe consider an all-world (inc small cap and EM's) tracker or maybe if braver and want to be a little more concentrated look at a S & P 500 tracker. I'm thinking about starting up a new LISA this April and annually going with a S & P500 tracker to complement my other All-World portfolio and HYP.

Personally I'm not a fan of the FANGs individually going forward and there's a few companies I wouldn't go anywhere near particulary Ali.

I posted this in another thread a while ago


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On the flip side the GBP/USD fx rate is at 33 year lows which means that our toilet paper currency won't travel well especially as the American indices have pretty much quadrupled in a decade while the FTSE 100 has just about kept its head above the waterline.

If you consider the FTSE 100 a global index (of the *97 UK domiciled constituents, 70% of their income is derived from overseas) then it's not such a bad bet after all.

Whether I like it or not out exposure is 🇬🇧 


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