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Interesting. Listen and learn.

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8 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


I'll have a listen later. Interesting they should choose a BBC/ Channel 4 SJW  patronizing/ aggresive onslaught on a man as a case study. 

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I have decided, in my advancing years, that high-society pulled a blinder in the development of 'the modern education' (from about 1950, say).  In doing so, they stopped the teaching of the trivium, and as a result stopped 'the average literate person'* from being able to debate with authority, or understand fully the tricks that were being used against them.  Sure, some people picked up the basics anyway, but many others did learn it, either through a classical education (ie private) or through studying it in college (PPE).

With that in mind, the video above is all very lovely but it just isn't enough -- it is like being told the basics of how to do pointing, then implying that you could go out and build a house.  The art of 'arguing' is built up from simple foundations, rather than from the top down**.

[* note 'literate' -- the majority of people 250 years ago didn't study the trivium, but pretty much all of the literate ones did -- and they were the ones who had any power.  The fact that illiterate people didn't study rhetoric isn't a problem is it doesn't matter what they think.  Of course, it could be argued that eventually this did matter in some places around then (eg, France)]

[** well, I'm being a bit unfair -- but the point of the 'lets watch 20 videos' argument is that it implies that if you've understood '20 complex things' then you've got it;  I'd argue that in order to fully apply the 20 complex things properly you've first got to put in the legwork of understanding and practising '100 simple things']

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