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£455K for a semi in Levenshulme???


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Pretty straight forward what’s going on here, some shrewd MUTHA has cottoned onto the fact they can buy this little goldmine on tick, bang a family (or two) of young scum bag hard working professionals / benefits scum in there and let em get good and settled for a month or two then BOOM! Just bang the rents up on em. 


Genius really when you think about it

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Sold for £164k in 2005 but then sold for £455k in 2018. Is that around a 270% increase in 13 years???  :/

It's probably had a huge extension or some fancy renovation since then but even so...bloody hell!

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In West Yorkshire property prices have not really shifted upwards by much since 2007 and only then if someone has fully renovated a shithole / probate sale and given it the full Farrow and Ball.   I’m talking here about attractive period properties.  Any new build / recent new build there has been no change.  

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