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Does anyone actually like patterned toilet roll?

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8 hours ago, swiss_democracy_for_all said:

Agreed this is best. There’s a yuck factor in it - picking up the sprayer which you know has been handled by people with shitty hands, and washing the shit off your arse if it’s messy, but no doubt with proper hand washing the results are way way better than anything that can be achieved with any kind of paper. 

Agreed. Paper is useless really and a bit gross when you think about it.

Bidets are the way forward though you need to be careful with the controls...



2 minutes ago, Inoperational Bumblebee said:

His girlfriend lived with us!

Mind boggling. Unless they were into scat.


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    • By Great Guy
      I happened to switch on the telly and come across the Europeans Championships. Why do people want to dedicate large parts of their adult life to becoming professional athletes? Unless you're at the very top of your game I can't see you making any money.
      A British guy just won the 100m breast stroke. I just can't see where the money comes from to pay this guy more than a fairly crap salary. Dont get me wrong, it must be a fun life travelling the world etc. However it just seems a waste of time to me.....
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      Why do companies use offshore call centres? I can't possibly believe that there's any cost savings involved once you factor in lost business, the expense of dealing with all the inevitable escalations from annoyed customers, all the cost of running an operation 5000 miles away and so on.
      My own example: I once tried to add track day insurance to my existing car insurance from Norwich Union. I called them up and got a guy in India who didn't know what a track day was and, once our mutually incompatible versions of English and the crappy phone line (presumably another cost saving measure) were factored in, was incapable of understanding my explanation (at one point he asked if I wanted tractor insurance). In the end I gave up and bought it from somewhere else even though I knew that Norwich Union sold it.
      These days for anything remotely critical (insurance, bank accounts, utilities) I do my best to check first if the company in question uses offshore call centres and will avoid them if they do.
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      Recent posts on the stealth forum have shown one thing about the typical Dosbodder. We are not overly folicularly blessed. To put it another way, we are slapheads, we are unlikely to need to bring a hairdryer when going on holiday. We need to be careful if we visit bowling alleys. We don't need to make any special effort if we are going to a Willie Thorne impersonators event. 
      The question is, are British men more likely to go bald than any other nationality? Living in Thailand, the average Thai man has amazing hair, even elderly men typically have a good top coverage. Of the German guys I knew, most of them in their 30s and 40s had good hair. Of my British friends however, just about all of
      us are thinning, the only one who isn't is of Indian origin anyway.
      And the second question; are people losing their hair quicker and at ever younger ages?
      Using the scientifically proven method of looking at footballers, from the 80s, I remember that Johnny Metgod and David Armstrong were both very bald by their early 30s. There were almost no others though. Guys nowadays seem to be going bald in their early 20s. There was Rooney of course, photos show that Steve Stone had very little hair when he played for England at 24. Alan Wright lost all his very early. What about Jonjo Shelvey?
      Some research on the internet found this where it states that mediterranean men are more affected:
      But I would ask, can anyone name a bald Iranian footballer?
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