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Weather reporter gets fired for mixing up his words

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Saying the words 'Martin Luther King Junior day' is a bit of a mouthful, especially on live TV. Unfortunately for an American News TV weather reporter Jeremy Kappell, he stumbles over the words 'King' and 'Junior' and says 'Ku' or 'Coo' before correcting himself. A lot of snowflakes decided to get offended and is now sacked for supposedly saying the word ' c o o n ' . Jeremy has apologised publicly for his error and yet he's been made an example of. ¬¬

Bloody hell...would anyone be as stupid enough to put their very good job on the line by uttering racial slurs on live TV? FFS. I trip up on combining two words in this manner a lot.

Petition here:

I stand behind Jeremy Kappell

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The correct response should have been "No apology is needed because I said nothing wrong.  Anyone looking to be offended is insulting the memory of the great Dr King and his work for bettering relations between the races in the USA.  Oh, and he slayed some pussy, eh, respect to the PLAYA!"

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8 hours ago, UmBongo said:



Really crap defence in that vid. He didn't accidentally say "coon", he accidentally said "coo".

What he vocalized is irrelevant. The point was it was an not intentional. But apparently that doesn't matter to the PC token police since in their universe every word uttered necessarily derives from (and reveals) unconscious systematic racism.

eg. homophone racism in the use of word niggardly, which sounds uncomfortably similar to the most offensive term in the English language—even though it bears no etymological relation to it. Back in 1999, an aide to the then-mayor of Washington, D.C. was forced out of his job for using the word in a budget discussion. (It means “stingy,” after all.) Similar events have subsequently transpired in California, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.


This needs to be slapped down hard.

Edited by Turned Out Nice Again

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