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One percent

Paris gas leak at bakery.

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It’s time the authorities across Europe found out why there was a sudden rise in gas leaks. 


A large explosion has rocked central Paris amid reports of a gas leak at a bakery in the city. 

Officials confirmed 'multiple injuries' as a result of the blast which caused extensive damage to the property. 

The blast has ripped through the building, shattering windows of several apartments above the bakery.  

It is believed the blast destroyed the Hubert bakery on the corner of the streets Saint-Cecile and Rue de Trevise.

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7 minutes ago, One percent said:

It was a gas explosion immediately after it had happened. See my post at the top of the thread where I ask when the authorities are going to sort out these very dangerous gas pipes. 

No, bbc are putting gas explosion in quotes

So are the mail.

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