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One percent

Northern loon

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Hard to know without seeing the post..  but if they thought the baby was being deliberately harmed for fun then there is probably some justification.

I would really have expected a courtesy visit from social services though..  not uniformed officers.   As others have said,  Police really should have better things to do.

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15 hours ago, Kilham said:

We should all be thankful we live in such a safe, crime-free country where our police have nothing else to do...


Our neighbours car has been done over for the 3rd time - apparently the seats had been put back and the car absolutely reeked of weed, so, some scrotes had done it over and had the cheek to sit back and chill for a while smoking the chronic.

... of course no police would be out to swab for prints / DNA / evidence - oh no, fuck that, just fucking react to some dumb shit posting dumb shit on faceache.

Fucking. Morons.

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