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Buggywhip Media

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Another thread crosser.

Ft article on that youtuber make up bloke.


“Why don’t I know about James Charles?” asked the British radio presenter James O’Brien. “Given that I read every newspaper every day.”


And thats somehow important? Hes not in the paper, as the people writing the paper live in a shrinking bubble.

Its why the media didnt spot 2007. Likes of hpc did.

Its why the medua and the pols didnt grasp brexit was even a possibility. Again, i started brexit thread on hoc when id only seen the term used a couple of times on bond sites.

Or the pols n media with the mirpuri fiddling. They never talk to the millions of whute people living in the areas.

Events and opinions are passing the current medua by. They are just too disconnected from modern life.

Or the '3.6m EUers in the uk' Again bollox.

Its not that the useless cunt doesnt kniw about the makeup guy. Its the fact that he still has a job. 

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Newspapers raced to explain a man so “unknown” that he has nearly 3m Twitter followers and 14m hanging on his every Instagram post. A person so below the radar that the YouTube video of him applying Halloween make-up with reality TV star turned cosmetics queen Kylie Jenner received well over 25m views and almost 66,000 comments.

Yeah thats really unknown.

Totally fucking lazy.

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Why would he expect to know him?  James Charles' target audience is young teenage girls and unlike pop music there is no central chart of YouTuber popularity published where you might think who's that; or rather it probably is published somewhere but not in the papers.

I expect not to know YouTube "stars" just as I expect not to recognise trainers.  The last trainer I could recognse was the Dunlop Green Flash.  A classic and still for sale from about £30.


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