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The Masked Tulip

Brighton tragedy - man killed last night

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Awful thing to happen. Brother of two men who were killed fighting for ISIS in Syria was knifed to death last night in Brighton.

Seems that there was some kind of motoring incident - perhaps a row about a car parking space or one of those nodding dogs in the back window? - which seems to have resulted in a row and this chap being knifed several times.


Chief Inspector Andy Bennett said: "We are trying to establish the exact circumstances of what has led to this young man's tragic death.

I couldn't agree more. Tragic indeed. The nation has been robbed of the contribution he could have made. He was only 22. 


Might be a VW for sale on Gumtree soon.


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6 minutes ago, Bedrag Justesen said:

UK Government is criminalising young people that went to fight for Islamic State in Syria.

This is turning public opinion against Islam.

Yep, might be best if the govt got the media to cover these things up as some kind of mental health issue to stop people getting a bad impression of ISIS.

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42 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

As it is Brighton I sincerely hope that this attack was not homophobic in nature. I would hate it if he was part of the LGBTQI community and was thus targeted for being so.


Was he/his family local ? as he was in the passenger seat of a locally tagged car ...make of that what you will 

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11 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

I know nothing about him alas, other than that his two brothers fought and died for the religion of peace.

Perhaps there was a good reason he did not follow his siblings path ..it may not have gone down to well ,just like sisters having relationships with people from outside of the rop 

Edit they were local 

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41 minutes ago, TheBlueCat said:

Twin brothers called Abdul and Abdullah? That's a bit weird in its own right.

Pretty much no-one is called Abdul -- that's the journo being lazy.  Their name will be Abdul-<something> but they couldn't be bothered to report the <something>.  When it comes to what they're actually called by friends/relatives that's a different story (probably not 'Abdul' though).

[your comment is a bit like saying that it's weird that everyone in Spain is called Jesus or Maria -- that's just a religious thing, and not what they're actually called (for the most part)]

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13 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

I don't get the Taylor Swift reference.

niether do i, just a meme picture. At its most coarse i suppose it could be highlighting the different types of cunt that exist.

aha, here we go;




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