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Chewing Grass

The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation

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  • Macron very nice man who likes his adopted mum
  • French Working Class right wing lunatics
  • Catalans Bad
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  • Poland Fascist country
  • Italians profligate immature children
  • Greeks Good Europeans

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8 minutes ago, Dave Bloke said:

about 95% of the UK population

Not so sure about that these days according to what I hear in daily chit chat with acquaintances (in a rural area). Totally different from only a few years ago!

I would put the percentage of people who believe what MSM say at less but not sure enough to estimate.

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I think the 2015 migrant crisis destroyed a lot of trust in the media. To most people it was fairly obvious that allowing unskilled migrants from failed cultures into Europe was a bad idea. However the media continually told us how good it was.

It's very hard to come back from that.

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