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Contact details appearing ..

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I've just had a call for someone wanting an allotment. Their details showed on the phone as their business name - but they weren't in my contacts ... normally only a number would show.
I asked him and he said "it does that" ... 
So go on. Explain to me how that works.

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2 minutes ago, DTMark said:

The phone looks up the number in a database and attempts a match.

Mine prints the word SMART underneath what it believes to be the caller's name.

ta. Didn't notice that .. there was a funny logo next to it in the call log... 


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4 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


Yeah looks like he's on google :)

Yeah that's how it looks on mine. Assume it's probably only pulling the Google My Business data for now at least as I've had calls from some EA's and it doesn't show the business name

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