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Hope Not Hate

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I’ll start with this


In November 2016, Hope not Hate published an incorrect press release about a report on the extent of abusive social media following the murder of Jo Cox MP by a right-wing extremist. According to an investigation by The Economist, "The report itself gave a confusing impression of the number of tweets that celebrated Ms Cox’s murder" and that "Hope Not Hate’s mistake is to take xenophobic Brexit-related tweets (which are plentiful, though a tiny fraction of the whole) and add them to tweets celebrating the murder of an MP (which as far as we can establish were very rare) to make a single tally of hatred. It then compounds the error by focusing on Ms Cox in the report’s headline and the initial press release."[42] A corrected version of the release was subsequently sent to all other media for the report's official launch, and the original article was withdrawn.[43]

In December 2016 the British politician Nigel Farage accused the group of being "extremists" who "...masquerade as being lovely and peaceful but actually pursue violent and very undemocratic means", after Jo Cox's widower husband Brendan Cox had chosen Hope not Hate as one of three beneficiaries of her memorial fund.[44] The group responded by setting up a crowdfunded appeal for a legal fund to sue Farage over the remarks.[44] Hope Not Hate proceeded to issue a claim against Farage for libel. In November 2017, shortly before the libel case came to Court, it was settled as Farage agreed to withdraw his comments.[45]

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Dan Hodges used to work for them;





A former Hope Not Hate communications adviser has admitted the group trying to take Nigel Farage to court uses “dirty, underhand, low down, unscrupulous” tactics in their efforts to crush political opponents.

Writing for the Labour Uncut website in 2011, paid Hope Not Hate activist turned Telegraph columnist Dan Hodges admitted to how the group operates.

“I started working with Hope not Hate on the media  campaign for the 2009 Euro elections,” he writes, before going on to describe how his organisation went toe-to-toe with the socialistic British National Party (BNP):




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I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again :

On 13/02/2018 at 17:35, Carl Fimble said:

Hope Not Hate are a government funded Antifa with an office.

Nick Lowles (chief executive of Hope Not Hate) was involved with Antifa back in the day, and Red Action (Harrods bombing, possibly the (still unsolved) Warrington bombing which killed a young boy too...



Definite commie scum, probably worse.

Not to be trusted in any way.

^ That's from this thread


Some videos on Hope Not Hate, from Millennial Woes :

^ from 2015

^ from early 2017 (not long after Woes was doxed), and late 2017. 


A recent video from Morgoth, after he was featured in Hope Not Hate’s report :


Edit : The civil liberty link in the post I quoted above doesn’t seem to be working, searching  for “Warrington red action” will find similar articles though. 

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Adding a link, and then the edit bit

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Didn't know that about the libel/Nigel Farage thing. Good job he "withdrew" (!) the comments. The temptation is to ask why doesn't he sue them for libel as they've doubtless made similar comments about him before, but I suppose he can't be bothered which I don't blame him for.

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I believe Hope Note Hate do some really good work fighting racist extremism.

Nick Lowles comes over really nice on TV.

We don't see so much of Mr Cox these days, he is a very nice young man. I feel sad about his personal tragedy after he has done so much to help others.


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