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Compo. can you claim?

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To apply, you must have been sent from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland before 1971 when you were below school leaving age.

You must have been sent by a voluntary care agency (or local authority in some cases), without your parents, to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the former Rhodesia.

The payment scheme is not open to those who migrated as part of any voluntary family, single parent or youth migration scheme.

For example, the scheme does not apply to those who:

  • travelled on the one or two parent schemes to Fairbridge in Australia in the late 1950s, 1960s or 1970s
  • were sent under a youth migration scheme (such as the Big Brother Movement) and placed immediately into employment on arrival
  • travelled on an assisted immigration scheme
  • were sent to relatives living abroad
  • were evacuees during the war years
  • were sent from Malta

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The practice was to send unwanted children unaccompanied to the colonies where they were then used as cheap labour on big farms and often physically or sexually abused into the bargain.

It was councils wanting a cheap way to deal with unwanted children that it would otherwise have had to pay to support.

Cornwall council was still doing it after everyone else stopped with the last transported (an appropriate term) in 1970.



Given that they were pretty much being put into slavery compensation is in order IMO.

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1 hour ago, twocents said:

Those kids would still be responsible for other slavery in the days of yore though.  That's the logic in 2019 isn't it.

They still retained their white privilege whilst being beaten, raped and starved.

It's shocking tbh that it was still happening in 1970 so had I been unfortunate in not being born to a loving family then that could have been me.

It seems so recent; the year after landing on the moon, the big Isle of Wight Festival, Janis Jopin and Jimi Hendrix ODing, The Beatles and SImon & Garfunkel both breaking up.

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