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South American woman, slightly gone to seed, seeks jug-eared Hill Billy


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35 minutes ago, spygirl said:

with EU passport.




Give it a year or two and the pair of them will be turing up in Lodnon, looking for a council house...



To be fair to the guy, he's not got jug-ears -- what appears to be his ear in the photo is the carefully arranged people from a table behind.  Of course, that doesn't actually help the guy that much...

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12 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

I suspect most people just treat those events as a dating singles night. A chance to meet others, have some fun and perhaps find a partner.

I don't think any of us can knock them for wanting to find someone - a bit of love, friendship and someone to be with is what most of us want. Good luck to them I say.

Or ....

a bus full of South American hookers/passport seekers rolls up in HillBillytopia ...


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