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Jodie Chesney, 17, murdered in park

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Was sat on a park bench with her boyfriend last night in local park.

Stabbed so hard in her back by 2 males that the knife broke and stayed in her.

No description given by police. Been watching some news reports and there seems to be a worrying disinterest in any description of the attackers other than that they were male.

Anyone heard anything more about this murder?



Edited by The Masked Tulip
Removed Romford reference as not in Romford
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So, white people’s fault then, again.        Fuck off!

I'd be amazed if this was a random attack. More to this than meets the eye.

Its not the knives its the scum and 3rd world scum culture. The big rise is due to the latter as we have always had a stable native level of the former.

Posted Images

As mass immigration continues you can only expect this sort of thing to increase and get worse (and by that I don't necessarily mean that the perpetrators were any particular race but that the mass immigration will inevitably lead to increased violence from all sides). Sweden is a good example of where we are headed.

Diversity + Proximity = war. It won't be pretty.

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Not Romford, Harold hill. Miles from Romford. (Well three) 


i know it quite well, massive council house estate that has always had a bad rep.  Surrounded by pikey sites. 

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1 hour ago, The Masked Tulip said:

On the few news sites allowing comments people are asking similar questions. 

The boyfriend must have seen faces or hands of the murderers - unless they were covering themselves up completely.




Maybe. Sitting on park bench minding your own business. Attackers come behind you, girlfriend screams in pain, falls forward to the ground, boyfriend tries to catch her, confused, concerned, looks around and sees 2 males running away in the distance. 

Although a report I read suggested someone else gave chase.

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2 hours ago, Errol said:

Apparently not one witness. No description of the attackers on news sites. Were they black or white? What were they wearing?

Local demographics would suggest white. Havering is the whitest of all the Boroughs. Even the schools are still majority white (72.5%) and this park looks right on the rural edge of the borough.

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12 minutes ago, 201p said:

I have posted a video on how to make your own stab proof panel (and vest/bag shield).

Be alert, and learn situational awareness. If you were headphones and look down at your phone all the time - it's time to change.


I'd just like a gun. Instinctively I've always been against guns but I'm rapidly coming around to them. 

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12 minutes ago, Dipsy said:

Odd statement in the Mail report;

The mother found the victim laying on her back in the corner of the park with her boyfriend beside her, who was also white. 

Slightly odd that they confirm the colour of the boyfriend, but nothing about the murderers?

Hmm, is that some DM read between the lines stuff?


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35 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

Hmm, is that some DM read between the lines stuff?


Makes you wonder. It was dark so unless the boyfriend got a look at them I suspect anyone at a distance would be hard pressed to give much info on their appearance.

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1 minute ago, Dipsy said:

Makes you wonder. It was dark so unless the boyfriend got a look at them I suspect anyone at a distance would be hard pressed to give much info on their appearance.


Saw a few posts on social media from parents saying they moved there from Hackney to escape knife crimes and who are now fearing that it has followed them there.

Hopefully the local CCTV will have recorded suspicious acting pairs of blokes earlier in the day when it was light.

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      Big story in South Manchester for some months.
      Not quite clear if any conviction for anything. Yet theres a dead boy.
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      I am not citing the names. I dont see it that way, although respect others views to say otherwise.
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