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Findus Crispy Pancakes are BACK!

One percent

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Just now, dgul said:

* not actually pancakes.

* Or chicken.


The scandal-hit firm that supplied Findus with horse-contaminated mince for its beef lasagne also provides its Crispy Pancakes.

The pancakes, some filled with beef, come from French company Comigel, whose Luxembourg factory supplied tainted meat.

Comigel began supplying the pancakes after the previous makers had a fire and went bust.

Labour vice-chairman Tom Watson last night accused Findus of putting profits before workers and shoppers.

He said: “After private equity investors took over Findus, the people who made crispy pancakes in Northumberland lost their jobs.

“Three weeks after the Findus scandal broke, we find the French company that put horse meat into Findus lasagne now makes Crispy ­Pancakes. It’s another ­example of a company putting the bottom line before its customers and workers.”


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21 minutes ago, One percent said:

For those of a certain age


sadly, not the beef ones but some nasty mozzarella concoction.  


19 minutes ago, Bedrag Justesen said:

Quite liked the beef ones.

They never went away, maybe they did from Waitrose and M&S but not from the shonkier shops :


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45 minutes ago, Wight Flight said:

Chicken curry were the best. No sign of chicken or curry but guaranteed third degree burns to the mouth.

Oh that brings back memories. 

20 minutes ago, Chewing Grass said:

Is this cos its crispy pancake day tomorrow.


Looks like a Jellyfish. 

Jellyfish bad. 

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57 minutes ago, SpectrumFX said:

I did used to enjoy a cheese findus crispy pancake.

The Dutch have something similar that they sell in their Febo shop vending machines in Amsterdam.

Yum yum




I remember FEBO!

They’re on the number one spot here :



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2 hours ago, PatronizingGit said:

Went through a stage 20 or so year back where they were all I ate for a few months as a teenager. Then mum stopped buying them told me theyre no good. Havent had once since. In fact totally forgot they existed. UNTIL NOW.


Shall buy some THIS INSTANT.

You have to find the originals if they still exist. These are new poncey artisan ones. They have even possible got real cheese in them. Mozarella. 

No one's mentioned the original chicken and bacon ones. The only ones to be had imo. 

And of course deep fried is the only cooking  method considered. 

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