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Council's Executive director of childrens services says "This situation has arisen due to a number of complex factors including an increase in the birth rate"

"Immigration was the largest single unexpected factor"

You mean immigrants also want to raise families just like other people. Christ that is so unexpected. Oh well you live and learn I suppose

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So these pupils will have to travel further to get to their new high school. Higher carbon footprint to travel there + more tired pupils. 

New Labour has done a grand job of spoiling things for long established citizens. Add to that the myriad of gaming sites as per MrPin's thread he started yesterday and the later drinking hours too. 

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1 hour ago, One percent said:

I like the new phrase. Sounds so jet setting. Much softer than immigrants. 

Identified before on DOSBODS, the phenomenon of the odd snippet of information casually included in news reports about a particular subject, which reveal normally unspoken facts, about a different, often unconnected topic.

Yet to given a name.

The nuggett for today is that the majority of asylum seekers, refugees, and economic migrants, often accompanied by their children, arrive every day.....

At Heathrow.

So why the emphasis on clinging to the underside of articulated trucks, hiding in wheel arches, or being ferried across the English Channel by Kurdish navigators in a half-submerged dinghy ?

In reality, most are flying in on a 767, in Premium Economy,  choosing beef or chicken,  drinking wine, watching The  Lego Movie 2.

MSM must believe we are complete fucking idiots. xD

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