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Cook Islands Take Back Control

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Brexit to blame for this too?!



The Cook Islands is considering replacing its colonial-era name with a new one that recognises the nation’s indigenous inhabitants.

The country, which was named after British explorer Captain James Cook in 1835, is made up of a series of 15 tropical islands in the South Pacific, with a population of 17,500 people.

Danny Mataroa, chair of the name change committee launched in January, is slowly gaining government support for the project, and is in the process of evaluating 60 proposed names whittled down from public submissions.

The goal is to submit the top contender to the government by April – something which is “easy to say” Mataroa insists, but also imbued with local history and culture. Then, the government will put the name change to a public vote.

“It must have a taste of our Christian faith, and a big say on our Māori heritage. And it must instil a sense of pride in our people, and unite our people.” Mataroa told RNZ Pacific.

It is likely any new name for the country would be in Cook Islands Māori, the local Indigenous language, which is closely related to New Zealand’s Māori language.

So far no hint has emerged of the names on the list, though Avaiki Nui, a local term for the islands, has been frequently suggested.


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14 minutes ago, Harley said:

Did a refueling stop there once at some crazy hour at night.  Out came the band and dancers to serenade us!  Always intended to go back.  Would be rude not to.

Britain needs "ex-pirates". :Old:

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So what did they call them before old Capn' Burdseye arrived?

They should be careful with naming, Avaiki Nui, doesn't exactly trip off the tongue.

How about "Shag Islands" ?

Edited by Dave Bloke

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With no less than sixty! proposed names being evaluated it's pretty clear that the islands in fact had no name before the evil whitemen turned up and ruined everything by naming them.

Edited by Panther

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11 hours ago, maudit said:

I found it strange seeing the union flag in Hawaii, I wonder if they and Oz/NZ will ever change their flags to remove it?


Yes, that's an interesting one. The King of Hawaii was impressed by the flags of the British ships, so incorporated it in his flag. Never a British colony.

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