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Twitter useful again - content block

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I just came across a feature which might be new. On the desktop version there's an invitation to try out the new version. So I clicked on that.

Within "Settings", there's now a word-block feature. Settings > Content Preferences > Muted > Muted Words

There isn't a "Social Justice Warrior" preset that fills in the page for you, so you have to type the words in.

owen jones
david lammy
cultural appropriation

.. and it really does seem to work. The timeline is cleaned up nicely. All of the shite has disappeared. Well, most of it. Someone managed to sneak one past the filters with "racialism".

That's all the offendotrons banished - hopefully for good, and also all the retweets of people expressing their outrage, falling for the ploy, and unwittingly egging them on, justifying their existence and giving them what they want.

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Can't you put in *.hatespeech and be done with it?

My god, don't they realise that a word can point to two opposing viewpoints.

"There's no such thing as trans-phobia because the word has been deleted from my consciousness". What about everybody else in the real world, who are still using it? O.o

You stupid fucking cunt! (Not you DTMark. xD)

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The sjw contingent will just get round it with words like colourism. Perhaps that was always the goal in inventing those words, as their lives seem to revolve around unsocial media. 

Easier just to avoid Twitter tbh. 

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