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Titania McGrath.

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7 March 2019

Format: Hardcover
How do you spell Woke?, answer "Titania McGrath"

Titania is the most woke person on Twitter (I won't assume their gender), and this book reflects their wisdom.
It should be compulsory reading for all school children to teach them the dangers of mis-gendering, sexism and sexualitism.
It explains male and white privilege, and the evils of mansplaining.

The book even has a chapter of the evils of capitalism.
Now Titania, I know you are reading this, when do I get my free copy for writing this review?
It's unlikely I will buy the book, as I have had too much identity politics over the last few years - I'm sure it will sell well.

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26 minutes ago, sleepwello'nights said:

Ok which one of us is Andrew Doyle?

I am reading the Daily Mail whilst sitting in a waiting room. An Oxbridge graduate who’s set up a Twitter persona to parody political correctness. The persona is really really, no really woke. 


I used to identify as Andrew Doyle but these days I tend to identify as Andrea Doyle.

Sometime later this Spring I will begin to identify as Umburgo El-Alamein Doyle.

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