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One percent

Y2K part 2

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GPS systems could be brought down next month due to a computer calendar error says information security expert. 

An expert at the RSA 2019 security conference in San Francisco this week said he predicts a Y2K like computer error for older GPS systems to take place on April 6, in less than a month's time. 

The computers' calendars could fail if GPS devices' with older systems flip back to zero after literally running out of time, reaching the end of their counters.   

A similar prediction, nicknamed Y2K, was made in 1999 as the world worried over an impending computer shutdown.   

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6 hours ago, dgul said:

My wife is going to be fucked* if satnav goes down.

[* Not by me -- she won't be able to find her way home]

Sneak a homing pigeon into her handbag.

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7 minutes ago, Virgil Caine said:

You can bore yourself to death reading the comments to this news on The Register


Lovely non PC photo attached to that article of a woman looking bemused at a paper map.  

It also answers what was puzzling me: why such an arbitrary date?

GPS signals from satellites include a timestamp, needed in part to calculate one's location, that stores the week number using ten binary bits. That means the week number can have 210 or 1,024 integer values, counting from zero to 1,023 in this case. Every 1,024 weeks, or roughly every 20 years, the counter rolls over from 1,023 to zero.

The first Saturday in April will mark the end of the 1,024th week, after which the counter will spill over from 1,023 to zero. The last time the week number overflowed like this was in 1999, nearly two decades on from the first epoch in January 1980.

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