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Money for nothing. And your drugs for free.

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Oh dear. Not read the memo.

Bastard tory austerity. Homeless are angels.

Still. Manages to get some sjw words in.

At a deep level, it's not a lifestyle any of them would have chosen for themselves - even if now they are resigned to it.

'All of them have been driven to the streets by tragedy in their past - whether it's something that happened in their childhood, a parent that's an addict, or an abusive partner.'

Around 4,000 to 5,000 people sleep on the streets each night, according to magazine Big Issue, which tries to help homeless people by asking them to sell its publication.

Well. In my getting dragged to a homeless charity, id say 90% were there as they spent their money on booze n drugs. Coming up with oooh tragic past ... is just grasping at straws.

And ive not seen a britush big isdue seller for years.

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I know I've said it but decent everyday people can become street homeless; they however then accept the help that's offered to get them off the streets so aren't there long.

Anybody who is long term street homeless can't cope with a normal life for whatever reason.

The exception, and I only know of one person like this, is somebody who actively chose to be street homeless because he liked the chaotic lifestyle of no rules, no job, no responsibilities, fighting, drinking, sex and drugs.  He was the brother of a friend.

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