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Save the Children - Eh?

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Rasha, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, was separated from her two sons for five years.


Despite the years of separation and the young ages at which the boys were taken from her, Yousef and Mohammed, whose names have been changed, remembered their mother.

Rasha reunited with her sons Yousef, 11, and Mohammed, nine, after five years of separation



So ........

If you are changing names to ptorect peoples identify, should you be putting piccies up on the interweb?

Which points to STC being totally reckless.

Or just making up a feel good story - with photos, as that gets the donors giving cash - to scam money.

The fathers dead 'of an infection'. No risk from him. Maybe his family?? dont know.


What I do know if you are protecting anyone you dont do a photo feature.


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Changed in case it affects their asylum application.  Blighty next stop.

Surprising the woman isn't wearing a shroud like the person in the other photo.


After they reached the camp, Save the Children cared for them and later tracked me down on Facebook.

They didn't have to trek across desert then.  Just a couple of clicks?

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Look at 'em. Never seen a days hardship in their lives. It's all in the eyes.

Actually, on balance, maybe the really gormless looking one has. Or maybe he's just trying to look hard and/or special.

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On the surface it sounds like the family had a reasonable life in Sria (facebook social platform etc - at least unlikely to be living in tent) but the husband decided to up sticks taking the infants to join ISIS basically just a few miles down the road in Syria - and then he died - of an infection - a wound got infected maybe.

It's difficult to put your finger on it but something doesn't seem to quite add up - some details are missing yet again.

It's kids again of course being used for some reason (like Begum and many other instances) - and they're now displacement camps not refugee camps so they've upped the status of the camps.

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