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One percent

When short, sharp shock has a different meaning

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An officer at a former youth detention centre sexually assaulted hundreds of inmates, it has emerged.

Neville Husband was jailed in 2003 for abusing five teenagers at the unit in Medomsley, County Durham.

Other victims then came forward, and in 2005 Husband admitted four more attacks. He died in 2010.

But the So-Called BBC's Inside Out programme has found the Ministry of Justice has spent £3.6m settling 237 compensation claims for sexual abuse committed by him.

Medomsley, which closed in 1988, held offenders aged between 17 and 21 who had committed relatively minor crimes.

But the regime - the "short, sharp, shock" designed to steer them away from a life of crime - was described as brutal, with one former inmate likening it to a "concentration camp, run on violence".


how the hell did he get away with it? Were there no other prison officers?  

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Meadomsley borstal.

Surely you must known someone who went there onesy?

I think it was still running until the mid 80s, then it was shut and turned into the posh crisp factory.

There were more than one -


Anything inclvonign kids locked up attracts nonces like a tud attract flies.




@The XYY Man

Will know a few.

Medomsley was  boro co durham finishing school.


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2 minutes ago, swiss_democracy_for_all said:

Surprised these Borstal nonce people survive to die old, I’d expect them to be found flayed and covered in salt a few years later, that’s 300 or more kids, probably all tough and used to being on the wrong side of the law, grown up with a very nasty score to settle. 

Sometimes that happens. there is a film about it, which I have somewhere, but I have forgotten the title.

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3 hours ago, SNACR said:



3 hours ago, eight said:

It's also the plot of the series of Line of Duty with Daniel Mays in.

Given that revenge of the abused seems to happen more in film than reality, I guess human nature doesn't quite work the way many of us might expect. The abused prefer not to wake the memories, perhaps, or maybe these abusers have some sort of diabolical insight when selecting the victims.

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