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Does Corbyn suffer from CVSPD?

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Can't help being a bit cynical about all leftist virtue signalling. The hypocrisy of the school  children's climate change protest being a case in point, probably the most consumerist upbringing ever. Are they going to defer the holiday to Disneyland, Florida to save the world ..nope.

Meanwhile I guess we dosbodders can no doubt prove our caring credentials and prove our superiority to neighbours..

(1) Always display a Vote Labour poster at general election time.

(2) Be outraged about our treatment of asylum seekers.

(3) Say we hate UKIP.

(4) Complain about climate change

Meantime we can do f$$k all to help anybody and keep consuming and looking after number one like your average Comrade.

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Ok I'm not having a go at anybody that flys just the mind numbingly cuntish hypocrisy and virtue signalling of Caroline Lucas. Plus the fact I have flown just once, 33 years ago, means I can throw stones at the silly cow. Special dispensation from God for her to destroy the planet so long as the little people like us don't fly.

Btw I have nothing against rich people or flying. Left wing hypocrisy just makes me see red.:PissedOff:



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