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Cyclone Idai: Mozambique survivors desperate for help

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8 hours ago, spygirl 🏆 said:


I saw Fergal Keean doing his 'A lonely tear fell down the grieving mothers breast as her 10th child succumbed to TB' routine  on the news.


Population has almost tripled in 30 years.


I don't watch TV because it's trash. Only play vidogames, and occasionally watch Netflix which I intend to jettison too as it's becoming increasingly degenerate. 

Wasn't Mozambique a colony of some European power at some point? Was is Portuguese? 

Anyway, we gave them their independence over 50 years ago. They ought to sort them selves out, or ask for aid from their Bruvas in the rest of the continent. Whitey is not an infinite AID ATM.



They need to get a hold on their population growth too, or they will end up in a Malthusian trap.


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According to OECD DAC statistics, since aid began in the 1960s donors have given a grand total of $502 billion to sub-Saharan Africa, which is worth about $866 billion in today's prices. (Table 29; excludes debt relief.) This is not trillions of dollars – not even one trillion dollars. (IN 2010)

The Marshall Plan cost about $13.3 billion at the time, but dollars during the 1950s could purchase much more than today's dollars. Adjusting for inflation and stated in today's dollars, the Marshall Plan investment would be equal to $103.4 billion, SIGAR concluded

Think about this, we Whites have given them blacks, an equivalent of 8 Marshal Plans and they haven't even gotten basic shit straight. 


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Watch this documentary to see the state of Europe after WW2. It was rubble, all of it. With 1/8th of what Africa has received we rebuilt it. 

With 8 times the amount they are still fucking up.

Watch this documentary:


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