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Carol Phwoarderman

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18 minutes ago, Horrified Onlooker said:

Whatever happened to aging gracefully?

Old hat.

My wife's sister just had a load of cosmetic surgery that she definitely can't afford. 

She's late 50s, and nothing is going to bring that youthful desirable look back.

I'm genuinely concerned she's going to flip completely when the penny drops. 

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I remember her being on the telly 15 years ago and being a good looking 45 year old, but then I saw her stomping about on loose women or some shit like that in the last 5 years trying to look 'hot' and it had just gotten embarrassing.

If you want to be an attractive 60 year old, that's not the way to do it. It's quite sad actually that she's had to resort to poking her arse and tits out for the camera like that.

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6 minutes ago, Sgt Hartman said:

Is that cosmetic surgery or just some elaborate corsetry/push-ups?

I would imagine the tensile strength of her clothing has to be quite high - 'load bearing clothing' if you will...

EDIT: Oh and she'll have had surgery before. I'm guessing a boob job?

Edited by JoeDavola

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