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31 minutes ago, Carl Fimble said:

Well, it’s ALMOST that time of the year again....

(almost) Two years ago, on the 24th of March 2017 DOSBODS was born.

A hell of a lot has happened since, and things have moved on, loads. Maybe we could go over a few of the many changes we have seen, what stories or threads stand out, talk about how much we love this place, and also raise a glass to Spunko and our amazing little forum. 

Chin chin!



This SUNDAY (the 24th) is the actual day, I’ve baked the cake too early. It’s a gender specific cake and not for girls.


Is it a Joe-themed cake?

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Congratulations to @spunko - as he celebrates two years of my free, voluntary, and reasonably popular content.

Here's hoping Spunks - from your point-of-view anyway - that I'm dumb enough to keep our relationship going on that basis...



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15 minutes ago, sleepwello'nights said:

I question that, are we the sane ones? 

Er ... I''m not.

7 minutes ago, Van Lady said:

This is a fab forum IMO.

Full of variety. Where else can you find up to date analysis on uk/world affairs, read about bee keeping etc and get advice on how to unblock your toilet.


Three times  .... in celebration mode?!

Totally agree with you - you guys are almost like family now. (Sad but true!)  Hope we will see (young) Joe get himself happily hitched up one fine day. Wonder is we will all get an invite if he does? Or at least hope he will share his wedding pix with us.  (All faces pixelated out, natch! :D)

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