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Digital library artwork


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There was once a time when the audio files in my library had cover photos. Then, at some point, they all got replaced with a picture of a frog. I've managed to get rid of that now.

But now nothing has artwork. I can find a photo and browse to it to add it, but I can't be arsed doing that with thousands of files.

Moreover, I never did that before, so how these came to have pictures is a mystery. Perhaps it's in the software?

I used to have iTunes at one point, perhaps that's what added them. I now have something called "Media Monkey" and that doesn't do this. Nor does another piece of kit called "Picard".

Anyone know how to magically fetch all the album art - I don't mind if it gets some wrong, and I have to fix them later on. Is there some piece of kit that does that, and only that e.g. it doesn't insist on reorganising the folders or changing the format of everything? Thanks.

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