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Property lion rightmove current asking price index


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While I'm here for the day...


I don't know how many know the UK property lion twitter feed. 


They monitor all rightmove pwopatees currently up for sale. 


Every 3 months they produce a current asking price index showing the real rightmove asking price level, a better measure I'm sure you'd agree than the rightmove initial asking price index. 


They reporting asking prices down -3% year on year and -6% down from peak!!!!


Given the Midlands is supposed to be booming that some star and fits in nicely with the Halifax London data. 



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1 hour ago, BearyBear said:

Still no drops in Edinburgh... *sigh*

Property lions started logging post codes so will have some regional data in 6 months


Edinburgh had plenty falls after the 2007 collapse. 

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I've had Property Lion bookmarked for a while now, it's always interesting to browse the sales it hilights but I didn't know they published quarterly price indexes (indices ?). Many thanks to everyone involved in the work ! :D 

One thing that would make it a very useful tool for me would be a way to filter by area or region (is that possible but I've missed something obvious, or am I trying to use it for something it's not intended to do?). It's great for info as it is, but it's not really a way to look for properties I might actually want to buy. It deserves top marks regardless :D

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It's just a rolling list of detected drops over a certain % fall, there's no way to filter it on twitter.


You're better off using property log for what you want to do. 


The lion was set up for 3 reasons...


1) report those honest listing mistakes where they say reduced but the price has gone up. the So-Called BBC, rightmove and the asa have not one replied to these messages, read into that what you will


2) find that elusive current asking price index, the initial asking price released seems to me to be susceptibile to manipulation 


3) sentiment changer, anyone tuning in must realise asking prices are not fixed. Hopefully when we seem some big falls more people will tune in. 


We get to the point of.... It was time to get off our backsides and do something sitting posting on a forum changes nothing.... Said the man posting on the forum 😁

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