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We don't want no stinkin' migrants

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    • By The XYY Man
      It's either fell off while I was driving, or some pissed cunt has pulled it off on his way home from the pub, but I need to know exactly what you call the piece of plastic that is now missing from the driver door of the XYY Mobile.
      I live near a main stealer who will take my eyes out for a replacement, but am hoping the DOSBODS community can let me know what phrase to search for on a el cheapo internet car parts site.
      It's for a 2011 Hyundai i10.
      So come on you cunts, what's it called...?

    • By Mrs XYY
      Right. So I get back from the bingo, and that childish twat of a husband of mine has been fucking around with my DOSDODS account while I've been out.
      Now you get my account back to how it was earlier, pronto - you spunk-gobbling, baldy cunt.
      If this ''Boring Northern Cunt'' bastard isn't back to ''Mrs XYY'' by the time I've finished me shite, I'm coming down there to Really Exciting Southern Shandy-drinking Cunt Land to bite your fucking bollocks off...!
      Mrs Boring Northern XYY Cunt
    • By King of Fools
      8 month pregnant woman stabbed to death in South London.
      Fucking well done Sadiq. You useless, pointless, ineffective virtue signalling cunt.
      You are the mayor of a major city. Fucking do something you coward.
      I despise you more than any other person on the planet.
      Fuck it, I'm done. 
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