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Frank Hovis

Best Songs of the Eighties

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Posted (edited)
34 minutes ago, Bedrag Justesen said:



Do you know what I love about you Magnus - apart from fuck-all...?

Your musical choices.

You straddle the line of popular - and yet also often niche and interesting - versus total shite that we all love/hate for whatever reason.

I don't find many sane people in the totally subjective - and potentially violent - world of "What music do you like then, mate"...?

You at least make my trips to that world worthwhile.

Now fuck off you roll-mop chomping cunt...!!!






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In German. Not that I understand that. Sounds better though. Before Berlin Wall.come.down

Meant a lot to.me.then

Knew no politics

But it seemed right.

Were did it go wrong?


My generation could have done everything.

We were wasted

The very last of the free




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