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Best Songs of the Eighties

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I'm plucking for the first year of the 80s, having worked in offices all my adult life this ticks the box and is a signature tune for the flip from 1970s, the collapse of punk and the birth of the 80s

Rare Bear
On 16/06/2017 at 10:06, Frank Hovis said:

How this works:

I've listed the top ten selling singles below.  Cross off the one you like least and replace it with a song you think should be there as I have done.  Show the crossed out one first time but don't turn it into a chain.  The last number is highest chart position.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the original listing; I thought it would be much worse.  Though there is a clear bias to the first half of the decade when single sales were much higher; CDs started taking off from 1986.

If you can try to resist embedding YouTube videos as it makes it incredibly slow-loading when you have a few of these.

Ordering is irrelevant.


1"Do They Know It's Christmas?"Band Aid1984 1   Graceland, The Bible, 1989 #51

2"Relax"Frankie Goes to Hollywood1983 1

3"I Just Called to Say I Love You"Stevie Wonder1984 1

4"Two Tribes"Frankie Goes to Hollywood1984 1

5"Don't You Want Me"The Human League1981 1

6"Last Christmas"/"Everything She Wants"Wham!1984 2

7"Karma Chameleon"Culture Club1983 1

8"Careless Whisper"George Michael1984 1

9"The Power of Love"Jennifer Rush1985 1

10"Come On Eileen"Dexys Midnight Runners & the Emerald Express1982 1

Jennifer Rush did bring back the miniskirt with that sing.

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The Cramps in 1981 paying homage to the original from 1965 by the most excellently named Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads.

No tittering at the back now...

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The album track that should have been a single. Cheesy banal lyrics, hi-nrg backing, even a guitar. And Donna Summer. What more could one want..


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Frank Hovis

1982  This is rather good.

I didn't really get them at the time despite liking what I heard such as Gaudi because it wasn't an orthodox band but kept changing line up and vocalist for individual songs which wasn't my idea of a band; being more reminiscent of Stock Aitken and Waterman's revolving door policy for singers.

Ultimately though it's the songs and their performance that matter the most and they delivered on that.





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