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The Masked Tulip

Illinois needs to win the lotto

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Looks like the woes of Illinois are getting worse. The main lotteries will no longer be available in the state after the end of the month.



Lottery spokesman Jason Schaumburg said Powerball would be suspended after the June 28 drawing, and Mega Millions would be suspended after the June 30 drawing if a budget deal isn’t reached.

He would not respond to questions about whether the decision to end sales of the popular interstate games was made by the Illinois Lottery or the organizations that administer the games.

“The Multi-State Lottery Association is focused on protecting the integrity of its games and the experience of its players,” association spokeswoman Anna Domoto said in a written statement to the Tribune. “Matters involving the Illinois Lottery should be directed to Illinois officials.”

Officials for Mega Millions could not be reached for comment.


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I don't think these guys know how lotteries work.  For example:


In 2015, the Illinois auditor general found lottery officials violated state finance law when they prepaid $20 million to the Multi-State Lottery Association to cover the costs of future multistate games as a budget impasse loomed.

The games are meant to pass money to the state, not the other way around!

[Clearly, much money has been siphoned off here]

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    • By The Masked Tulip
      I know that we are not winning - far from it. But is there truly a so-called 'Great Awakening' going on across the Western World?
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      French students are revolting.
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      What are the students gripes? They are against university admissions that select on merit, a reform that has been put in place by the Macron government. Currently a type of lottery system is used. This can mean very bright students not getting a university place and thickies getting into establishments where they cannot hope to go through the first year.
      It seems like Turkeys voting for Christmas but the students have a lot of support amongst the French intelligensia.
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      And he's stolen Spy's ketbaord to boot.
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