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One percent

Can I speak to Agent Penis please

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A North Carolina woman has been arrested for allegedly trespassing at the CIA headquarters and asking to speak with 'Agent Penis'. 

Jennifer G. Hernandez, 58, is accused of trying to sneak into the CIA headquarters in Virginia on four separate occasions last week. 

Hernandez was arrested following her final attempt to gain access to the facility on Friday.

An agent said he spoke to Hernandez at the CIA's visitor control center at about 4.35pm after she said she was there to pick up her North Carolina identification card.

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But is there an agent Penis in the CIA?  Would they tell us if there was?

[20,000 people work in the CIA, and there are lots of surnames in the USA -- I'd be surprised if there weren't several 'Penis'* somewhere]

[** or a Pennis, Pehnes, Pynnes, etc, etc]

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6 minutes ago, JoeDavola said:

I'm assuming @One percentfound this article by searching for the latest penis-related news?


3 minutes ago, One percent said:

Hey. I’m not on those weird dating sites that some of the male dosbodders frequent. Not naming any names here  :)

.....'yes' in other words.


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This reminds me of one of my favourite clips from the 90s bellwether of trash TV, "World's Wildest Police Videos". A clearly inebriated old hick gets pulled over for swerving in his beaten-up truck by the cops, and upon realising he can't get out of it by claiming to be an off-duty cop ("I'm one of you guys"), he then starts making up these bizarre "code words" that the CIA apparently use like 'tangerine wedding' to try to convince them he's some sort of high-flying CIA agent. It's making my toes curl even now.

(Spoiler: In the end he gets sent to the PENITENTIARY)

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