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Eurovision 2019

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1 minute ago, spunko said:

Apparently its next week. Let's get this cheesy and likely disappointing party started.

Gadgie singing ours is from Hartlepool.

That party may get a bit lively when he loses - which he will -  and chins some cunt...!



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I've still got the semi-finals to watch - pretty sure I recorded that.

This year's will have to go some way to be in the same league as Jessica Mauboy's effort from last year.

I like singing along to this one. If I get sufficiently drunk one night I might record it.

And review it in the morning.


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Posted (edited)

Watched the second semi tonight. Shaping up to be a vintage year IMO, lots of camp disco stompers and pleasingly a lot of the tuneless shite hasn't made it through- my only major disappointment tonight was that the Albanian dirge made it through while the Croatian lad didn't. Even some of the slower numbers are very listenable this year. I missed the start of the Tuesday semi; the standard seemed a bit lower anyway, it didn't really get going right until the end with this instant classic, which just scraped in to the final, much to my delight:

Rather infuriatingly my mother-in-law is insisting on having her 70th birthday meal on Saturday night so I won't be able to watch it live; I plan on listening to all the songs beforehand and voting for the best ones from the restaurant, then stay off twitter until I finish watching my recording of it at 3am or whatever :) .

Edit: just flicked through the Tuesday show on YouTube, and as I thought the he sang the whole first verse out of tune. I guess they sorted his monitor out for the second verse and he pulled it out of the bag. I was rooting for him! Having listened to it again I might vote for this 10 times and the others I like once...

Official Eurovision channel is here:


Edited by Rave

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I didn't catch the first semi-final but did watch last night's.

The only song that I thought wasn't total shite was The Netherlands' entry.

Not normally my sort of thing, but apparently it's tipped to win. Despite having a really odd hook into the chorus which makes it sound like it doesn't really have one.

I'm hoping I missed something good from earlier in the week. I'll find out tomorrow..


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I have been invited to a party every year for the past decade or so to watch the final and take the proverbial out of the entrants.

I have just learnt two things from this thread - that the final is tonight and that I have not been invited to the party.

Oh, I am a bit shocked. That will teach me for voting for Brexit and being immune to TDS.

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12 minutes ago, Virgil Caine said:

Was not everyone supposed to be boycotting it because it was in Israel and therefore serving the international Zionist conspiracy or some such bollox .

I heard on the radio that the Israel feed for one of the semi-finals was hijacked towards the end and overlaid with explosion footage.

Here it just terminated early.

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