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One percent

Suicide weekend?

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Shamelessly nicked from elsewhere. 14 suspicious deaths

Dante Austin- Philadelphia Deputy Sheriff-Found dead in office Friday


Herb Sandler- Podesta Emails- "Puzzagate handkerchief with map on it"


Linda Collins Smith- Arkansas former state senator- gunshot at home


Jonathan Nichols-Oklahoma state senator- gunshot wound to head


Joe Calabrese-Nypd homicide detective-gunshot wound to head found at beach 5 min from home


Steven Silks-Nypd deputy Chief of Queens North- gunshot wound to head in unmarked police car


Brian Brady- Former mayor of Sparta,NJ former police officer, suspected suicide body still missing https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.northjersey.com/amp/1356161001

Todd Tongen- Miami news anchor, alleged suicide in home


Tony Rodham-younger brother of Hillary Clinton- Known piece of shit 


Lola Gulomova- US commerce depth official


Walter Lubcke-German Politician-shot dead in house- PRO Mass migration 


Chris Reed-Texas police Chief - missing overboard on boat


Shahriar Zolfaghari- husband of Georgia Assistant Attorney General Camila Wright-Phillips dead in car at stoplight


Glen Cofield-Prominent Memphis business man- co founder Paragon Bank, director carnival Memphis etc- attempted robbery



I know it is Q related but thought it important enough for it’s own thread 

drop 1445



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I like the allegations / conspiracy theories cropping up online that the two NYPD guys had seen a file / folder named 'insurance' on the Anthony Weiner laptop.

It allegedly contained photos, videos and other stuff showing certain VIPs doing some sick things.

As conspiracy theories goes it is pretty lame though. Whilst the stuff of thrillers it makes no sense in the real world. Would such men have sat on such information? Would they not have leaked it? Surely others would have seen it and unless half of the NYpD starts topping themselves it is nothing but yet another whack-job theory by the QANONs.


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