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Apple ID activation lock bypass - least worst option?

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My daughter's mini-Ipad has the activation lock activated and is unusable.

For reasons I won't bother explaining I have no means of accessing/resetting the Apple ID concerned, it wasn't me that set the damned thing up and so I don't recognise the recovery email address or know the answer to the security questions. >:( No hope of obtaining them either. >:(>:(

Apple have asked for the sales receipt/proof of purchase, well I'm going to try to get it, but as it was about 6 years ago I have my doubts the shop concerned will help me, even though it was a credit card purchase.

So - in the event I can't get it, does anyone on here have experience of using some dodgy software or other to bypass Apple's servers and make the damned thing usable?


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I believe you’re screwed..  but a quick bump just in case anyone has superior knowledge.

The Israeli company that hacked an iPhone for the US gov was called celebrite,  but I’m not sure if they will sell you their services. I think they charged the US government $900,000.


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