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One percent

Locks being changed is a human rights issue. Innit

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I’m not seeing the problem here, or at least not the one the guardian would like me to see


Serco first announced plans last July to evict 300 asylum seekers who have been told they cannot stay in the UK, but put the plans on hold following cross-party and cross-sector condemnation


so, they are not entitled to stay, I guess then they are not entitled to housing paid for by sap taxpayer. The only issue I see is that they are now failed asylum seekers, so what exactly is the state doing to make sure they bugger off?  

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14 minutes ago, Errol said:

Why are they evicting them? They should be put in camps and then shipped to another country asap.

Gibraltar would be a good place to put the camps. It would provide decent paying jobs for the locals (or a better climate for UK residents who choose to move) and it would be easy to fuck the chancers off back into the EUSSR or Africa which is ultimately where they have come from in the first place.

Good riddance, these people are (mostly) the scum of the Earth. They will suffocate the life out of any country they choose to plague.

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