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Private Equity. Pakistanis. UAE. Muzzers. Do gooders.

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What could go wrong ?


Pakistani financier Arif Naqvi shared a stage with Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January for a panel on global health. Even alongside the billionaire philanthropist and two medical professionals, Naqvi stood out for his enthusiasm: “Like Bill, I’m an optimist,” he said. “So I believe the glass is half full, very firmly. I don’t believe it’s half empty.”

The glass was overflowing as you skimming all the money fucktard.

My - genuine - idea to improve 3rd worlders lot esp Afruca n ME is mass, forced sterilisation.

Ft link paywall



AA-F1 hour ago

These people are a disgrace, liars, totally corrupt and deserve the toughest punishment, they lived the high life at the investors cost.

Ah .. i see youve not had much dealing with pakistanis....

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Sadly it's hard to feel optimistic about large scale charity these days so I prefer person-to-person kindness. Even that can go wrong, but anything larger scale is difficult to manage.  And I have lost faith in most organised charity work.

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