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MoneyGram Shares Announcement

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Honest question as i don't know but i own cryptocurrency XRP and Ripple have just announced a partnership with Moneygram and to utilise the XRP crypto

Now regardless on your view of Crypto

Do you think there's a quick profit in buying some MoneyGram Shares 


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Ask what is your target price?

Stop price?

Time stop?

If the reward is greater than the risk, then it is worth speculating.

The chart however shows a downtrend, so there is some headwinds for the trade to work out if you are long.

It is in no-mans land. Neither close to $1, or $2. So it is difficult to utilise the "power of round numbers" to place a stop right.


The chart tells a story.

You can see $2 held for a while, and tried to get past $4. But the attempt failed, and patient investors that bought at $2 that had waited 5 months for that kind of move, threw in the towel, and even $2 gave way.


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