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Securing investments and/or cash from an incoming Corbyn type government


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In the event that Mr Corbyn and his mates were ever to rise to power, it seems reasonable to assume that they would be intending to tax-the-shit out of anybody (like me) stupid enough to have investments in UK SIPPs and S&SIs. 

I could imagine them nationalising SIPP holdings, that kind of thing.

As things stand, I don't think it is very likely that they would get in if they were to put this kind of thing in a manifesto, but I could imagine that on the day they get the keys to No. 10 then all manner of things similar to this might swing into action.

I know that i could liquidiate S&SIs and buy physical gold, or otherwise appreciating (at least not depreciating) small assets that could be hidden, but is there any way of moving investments lock, stock and barrel and putting them out of reach of Mr C ?

Anybody got any good (by which I mean safe) methods of preventing my savings from disappearing in a puff of socialist smoke ?


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The only way I can think of that's 100% guaranteed to work is to move your investments and yourself out of UK jurisdiction.

The question that raises is what parts of the world are safer then here, and of those which ones will let you in.

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