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The Grey Man

I know you are special. Scientists are looking at the warm rings of Uranus

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The newly focused rings of planetary debris around Uranus are csusing a stir.

There is a heat differential in this material and this ring of fire is of interest but not without an academic sting.

Jupiters moons such as Eurropa, are known to have an increased core temperature due to the strong gravitational pull from its gas giant neighbour, gravitational tides, from Jupiter

There could be a  similar effect here.

The could be a ring sting effect in Uranus as although the same effect may be in play, the solar distance, greater than that of Jupiter may have a bigger effect and allow cooling of the ring due to this.

Noted scientist Dr J. Cash from Kingsland, Arkansas has been quoted that such a ring is at risk of burning like a ring of fire.

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