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Summer songs


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It's too hot to do anything. Roll on 4pm. In the meantime..

Cheesy summer music. Love it :)

Bonus point for you if you can name the track that this is a very close copy of (hint: it's from 2015 and not Italian) - so close that you can sing one over the top of the other..

Massa Fanelli - Estate ("Summer")

While lost on me, I suspect some may enjoy this video if not the music.

Corona - The Summer is Magic

This one may well be more to peoples' tastes. Not cheesy.

Josh Rouse - Summertime


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1 minute ago, NTB said:

I wonder where you heard of Josh Rouse :D


There was once a time when DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's "Summertime" might have been the third track.. oddly enough in the heat I'd totally forgotten about Don Henley which is odd since I'd suggest it's one of the best records ever made.



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7 minutes ago, Mihnjeeta said:

then obs:


To my embarrassment I heard the Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince tune before I knew of the Kool & the Gang One. o.O

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3 hours ago, UmBongo said:


I would never have identified that as Kool and the Gang. Actually I do quite like them and I have a compilation LP - Kool and the Gang's Greatest Hits or similar. Doesn't have that on there. It's all d-i-s-c-o.

That's one of those tracks that sits just outside my "sphere" and yet I recognise the quality. I'll play it a few times tomorrow and it will "grow on me" :)

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Apparently, this (current) is the most streamed song of all time.

Can't say that I particularly love it myself.

It's lacking that Italian charm ;)


The artist who performed this year's Italian Eurovision entry. Total cheese.


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