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Frank Hovis

Plastic surgery

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It is perfectly fine so long as you know when to stop.

Funnily enough I am going to see about getting some big thread veins on my Nose lasered off,hopefully I won't become addicted to beautification and end up like the next Jocelyn Wildenstein.

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1 minute ago, spunko said:

Not really relevant but given the lovely weather we're having and the appreciation for natural/nature (I know they've been selectively bred etc), I just wanted to post a photo of one of my favourite roses for all to enjoy. Sadly not an English one.


 I’m not even looking 😺

100% it’s Jocelyn

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I'm going to jump to the defense of plastic surgery, and cosmetic procedures in general...when done right.

Despite the idea that 'it's what's inside that counts', the research shows that being more attractive affects everything from your love life to your job prospects to how people treat you in day to day life.

And in certain ways, attractiveness can be measured fairly objectively, i.e. certain things being in proportion.

So if surgery exists that can correct something like that, I don't think it counts as BDD.

Here's a couple of rather extreme examples; but these things exist on a spectrum of course, and often times being brave enough to get corrective plastic surgery could make a big difference to your overall quality of life.

1. A young man with an overbite:


2. Young lady with underbite:


3. Young man getting his hair replaced....look at the comments below...one of the highest voted comments says "he went from looking like a paedophile to a model"....that's how harshly people can judge you if they think your very unatractive:


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They certainly can't see the top of my head as it is covered with hair.

Many people on here are jealous, and bully me mercilessly without a care for my feelings.

And I fucking love it...! :)



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