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Got my "annual" official 10k coming up in August. Ran in 2017 with an injury and it was rained off last year. I'll just collect my records from TOS for my reference.


08.10.2016 - 6k 35 mins

17.11.2016 - 6k 30 min, 12km 66 min

12.04.2017 - 6k 30 min

28.04.2017 - 6k 29'15"

27.05.2017 - 10k 56'30"

31.07.2017 - 5k 29'46", 10k 1:02'20"

23.06.2017 - 6k 28'45"


Feel like my technique has got nice and compact and with decent posture. Didn't see any big improvements in time until I did a quick one the other day. My wonky leg is greatly improved Unfortunately, still seem to have injuries. The knees, achilles and calves are ok, but have a shin splint or maybe even stress fracture - although it doesn't actually hurt unless I poke it - and a sore ankle, but it doesn't hurt with the running. Should probably see my gp as it has been niggling for 6 months.


Skating is good, knocked a few minutes off my marathon time a couple of weeks ago, down to 1:35, would really like to get under 1:30 for the berlin marathon.


My shoulder injuries that I've had for a few years (due to otherwise harmless skate crashes) finally improved and I went swimming a couple of times last year. Despite my atrophied chest musculature, was reasonably comfortable. Would like to get back into it, but I always just enjoy the running and skating more so difficult to motivate myself.


Yoga is fantastic. Did it for an hour a day over winter and it has transformed my balance and posture. Must make it a routine again, but it is a bit cramped in my flat.


Not really intending it to be my personal log book, but it is handy to have somewhere to keep a note of things. Will probably try and repost some of the tips from TOS. Feel free to post anything interesting.

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Just to correct the date on may lat run and add another.

23.06.2019 - 6k 28'45"

27.06.2019 - 12k 1:11


At risk of my online personalities imploding when they meet, here's a video of me running.  Analysis and suggestions welcome. I might have to delete it if I get too much of that right wing extremist hate that I hear so much about though. Any suggestions for better making of video material also welcome. I was quite disappointed when I first saw it, as I see I still have all the flaws I thought I'd eliminated, but I won't mention anything so as to not influence your judgement.





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A little boy goes into Boots and puts a box of Tampax on the counter.

"Are these for your mum?" asks the assistant, curiously. 

"No," says the boy. "I've seen the advert - if you've got one of these you can go running, skating, swimming and even do yoga!"

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03.88.2019 - 10k 54'30"


Quite releaved that turned out ok. Not my fastest, but I think it means I can star a bit higher up in the pack next year, which will almost automatically save a couple of minutes from not having to weave through the crowds.


Actually hadn't run for a couple of weeks and thought I really must go for a slow run the day before, but unfortunately my slow run technique is a bit bouncy and I ended up with incredibly stiff calves on run day. It really was like a rock was buried deep in the muscle. Spent half an hour before and after the race rolling with a tube of magnesium tablets I had, and had to run in a rather flat footed fashion. Amazingly, my calves are pretty much ok today. Must do this rolling thing more often.


Hey @Spunko, can you change the title to "Running Log" ?  See if we can encourage a few other posters. Thanks

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