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Stunley Andwin

Your favourite Bitchuters

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No-one wants to watch videos on a platform where the videos could be deleted at any time and for no reason. Let's try to link to a much better website, bitchute! Post videos from your favourite bitchuters here. Is there some way we can get the videos to embed?

I suggest Styxhexenhammer's internet brother, Razorfist. Best joke here involves Alexandria Occasional Cortex and the game of twister.



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Styx did a stream with bitchute main man Ray Vahey https://www.bitchute.com/video/6m5HLqXhMo0/ and the contrast between the usual corporate office and the junk room Ray was streaming from suggests money is not the primary driver behind bitchute. The censorship free character of bitchute is an excellent thing, even if it does get tiresome scrolling through the endless poorly made 'the jews did it' videos to get to anything interesting. It would be great if more non political creators started putting material on there, it's a shame youtube has politicised everything as there is no end of genuinely interesting and useful content that has been made with good intention over the years.

This one is quite good because he makes an effort to make it entertaining, although he must be getting bored of responding to 'The Root' and 'Queer Kids Stuff':


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7 hours ago, Stuey said:

Tend to find Morrisons is decent, their flat iron steak really is very good. It's getting very difficult to find liver these days though! 

You're right there mind - and even when you do it tends to be pig liver which tastes a bit minging. My local ASDA did do lamb's liver, but that seems to have disappeared recently. If you can get some, the Hairy Biker's liver and bacon recipe hits the spot. 


You cannot get decent steak and kidney pie for love nor money either.

And I have to travel to Sedgefield or Durham for fucking haggis...!

It's not a good time to be an offal lover...




Edited by The XYY Man

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